This site is intended to inform the public of the criminal wrongdoing committed by Lenny McCormick, Andrew Lechtanski, Ozzy RivasNora Sarran, and Rebecca Ervin

Lenny McCormick Clubsound LA
During the first week of October 2012, Lenny, Andrew, Ozzy, and Nora banded together and broke into the Public Storage facility on 8512 National Blvd. in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles County). Lenny and his crew used fake credentials to reserve and rent a storage unit in order to get security access to the facility. They also used fake IDs to rent a white van and U-Haul truck. Over the course of a week or so, Lenny, Andrew, and Ozzy broke into a number of different storage units and stole band equipment, clothing, furniture, tools, electronics, and personal items such as non-replaceable family photos and heirlooms. These burglars were clearly seen and identified on security surveillance cameras throughout the week.
Naturally, three of these four thieves were eventually caught a month later (LA County District Court Case #SA082430 - The People vs. McCormick, Lechtanski, and Sarran). Leonard McCormick and Andrew Lechtanski were arrested and charged with 6 counts of felony burglary and 1 count of receiving stolen property. The two were thrown in jail and bail was set at $145,000. Although she was an accomplice, Sarran was not jailed.
Knowing that they were guilty as charged, on February 25th, 2013, McCormick, Lechtanski, and Sarran plead "No Contest" in a plea bargain to 1 count of felony burglary. They were sentenced to 16 months in county jail and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $157,195.83. Throughout the various court hearings, McCormick, Lechtanski, and Sarran showed zero remorse to their victims during the entire legal process -- not even a single apology or acknowledgement of wrongdoing. 
Public Storage: $2,957.35
Victim #1: $730.00
Victim #2: $3,762.00
Victim #3: $7,880.36
Victim #4: $39,866.12
Victim #5: $102,000.00
TOTAL: $157,195.83*
*does not include restitution ordered in other criminal convictions
After serving just 8 months in jail, McCormick and Lechtanski were released from custody in early June 2013. Thanks to prison overcrowding and realignment (AB 109), they were able to serve out their sentence in local county jails. Sarran is on probation.
After 13 months of hiding from the law, Ozzy Rivas was finally arrested.
McCormick, Lechtanski, Sarran, and Rivas owe restitution to their victims.
So who are these criminals? 
Besides stealing and jail, all four offenders love drugs, DJing, house music, EDM, nightlife, after hours, clubbing, and partying.
LEONARD JOSEPH MCCORMICK is from Springfield, Massachusetts and was born on 11/07/68. We can't publish the entire number, but the last 4 digits of his SS# are 6760. He attended Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School in Palmer, MA and graduated in 1986. While we don't have his complete arrest record, we know he's no stranger to jail or stealing. He's a self-proclaimed  pitchman, pro sound installer, environmental expert, and construction worker. He also claims to be a club promoter and studio owner, using the names CLUBSOUND LA, KLUBSOUND, CALI LIFE PROMOTIONS, or BLUE MOON NIGHTS. We know that he has family in Florida and Massachusetts and his girlfriend is Daneyll Stanton (aka Daisy Tanks). You can see her being super classy here.
Leonard claims that he's been a pitchman since 1994. He claims that he specialized in live demonstrations in person and on TV. He supposedly worked on cleaning products, housewares, electronics, pro sound and lighting, film lighting and cameras. Lenny also claims to have worked for Eroh Dynamics from 1995-2012, where he was mentored in the art of live "pitch sales" by Rocco Eroh and Barbara Motosko. Lenny claims that this is where he partnered with Matt Cancel and Peter Mendham and built the "Southeast's strongest event sales team." Lenny claims to have also worked for QVC UK from 2003-2004, where he was mentored by Joe Whanon and Alan Dunn. He claims to have sold several products on live TV including Rotozip, Sweepa, and De-Ice to name a few.
Lenny also states that he's been involved with several other companies, including ones that he made up himself. Some of these include being the "owner" of Auto Ologist and "CEO" of LJM Entertainment and Marketing Enterprizes. He also claims that he was the VP of Operations for Limitless Ventures in 2012, but we are not sure how Lenny could consider himself a Vice President that year,  especially when he was too busy stealing from innocent victims during this time period. His friend Jigar Thakarar was the CEO of Limitless Ventures, which was supposedly a talent booking and event production company at the time.  
Lenny McCormick is also tied to Shawn King (Bineau), who is reportedly The Crystal Method's tour manager. In fact, the home address Lenny provided to the courts was for "Sound Stream Studio" in downtown LA, which was owned and/or operated by Shawn King. We wonder if The Crystal Method (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland) or their management (Red Light Management) know that their tour manager is connected to Lenny McCormick and his crime spree. He was spending a lot of time at this studio during the time of the burglaries, so perhaps Shawn King was also involved to some extent.  Did any of the stolen property end up at Sound Stream Studio? We know for a fact that Shawn King is also no stranger to drug-related arrests.
Mr. McCormick was arrested again on 11/21/13, only 5 months after serving a 16-month sentence for this burglary. We recently discovered this was a drug-related arrest for possession of a controlled substance
Lenny is well aware of this site dedicated to his thievery. In fact, he sent us a threatening email on 12/27/13 with the following statements:
"I don’t care what you post about me….. no one will ever take it seriously."
"I know something you don’t know….. I know where your shoes, boots, jackets, sunglasses… Amazing dresses…..are being held.…. And all Couture as well! I especially like that  [PRICE OMITTED] coat. should you want any of this stuff back i have possession of a fair bit of it. and I know where the rest of it is….."

"We have a few mutual friends it seems my friend. act is I know quiet a few people in the beverly hills pussy for sale game. I know most of Heidi’s girls as close personal friends mine from back in my outpost and mulholland days." 
"If you stop acting like a big baby on ripoff report and all that other nonsense, I will see what I can do about finding and returning some of your things."
"I will have my lawyer buddies reopen the case..."
"Something you need to know about me and my people, we don’t stop until the job is done….. and you are going to be a crazy project."
Thanks for reaching out to us Lenny. Your threats have been received and accepted. Just remember that you are a felon. You can no longer lawfully possess a firearm or any type of weapon. You and your co-defendants will be the first suspects should any type of physical or property damage be committed against your victims. You should honestly focus your time and energy towards the restitution you owe your victims. And based on the traffic to this site, people DO care and want to learn more about your stealing and scheming. Don't worry. Your secrets are safe with us.
As you can see, we're dealing with an unremorseful con artist. During our investigations, we discovered that Lenny already had a reputation for stealing money and possessions prior to this specific crime and incident.  In fact, on 12/19/11, an individual named Kathy McCarthy Parker made several posts on Lenny's Facebook page accusing him of stealing from a deceased woman named Roberta "Liberty" Teague. We can certainly relate to having personal and family possessions stolen from us and kept in storage and/or not returned. This person was obviously upset with Lenny over theft and we feel and share their frustration and pain. In this instance, Leonard stole from a deceased woman's three innocent children and widowed husband. It doesn't get any lower than this and proves that Leonard is a pathological scumbag. Obviously, these concerns didn't bother Lenny because he continued to steal after these allegations.
Lenny wasted no time unloading the Teague family's possessions immediately after Roberta's unfortunate death:
It doesn't stop there. Another person or group is accusing Lenny of scamming them out of $200,000. More information on that accusation can be found by clicking here.  Since this site went live, we've had a few people randomly reach out to us and confirm that Lenny McCormick is a deceptive and conniving thief. A lot of people want to see justice finally served on Lenny. It is very evident that he will steal from anyone, including his own friends and family (or even dead people).
His girlfriend "Daisy Tanks" (Daneyll Stanton) also reached out to us via email on 5/1/14 with the following ignorant rationalization:
...and for the unpaid restitution..hello..did u forget Leonard did time in can't expect someone to pay an enormous amount of money they don't have..or have never made.."
"You are trying to make Leonard pay but why are you singling him out...why aren't you doing the very same for these other people like the Andrew or Ozzy person?"
"you really think that YOU are trying to set an example out of him and whoever those other people are?"
Thanks for reaching out to us "Daisy." Your threats have also been received and accepted. Like other hard working citizens, we DO "expect someone to pay an enormous amount of money" if/when they steal an "enormous amount" of property from us. It's unfortunate (and annoying) that we have to explain self-respect, human decency, common sense and the law to you and your "handsome boyfriend," but Leonard's 8-month stint in jail does not fix, replace or rectify what was stolen from us. Who should pay for the personal items that cannot be replaced, such as precious photos and family heirlooms? Based on your ridiculous and insulting email, the multiple victims involved here should be held responsible for replacing what was stolen from them and get over it because Leonard doesn't have any money. We find it ironic that Leonard, Andrew, and Nora had enough money to hire private attorneys. Regardless, the courts and multiple victims involved here strongly disagree with you and your thieving associates. Restitution never goes away and this site will continue to serve as a reminder. And as far as the "Andrew or Ozzy person" goes, you'll have to address your concerns and issues directly with "whoever those other people are," especially since you're friends with them. Did these guys steal your memory too? Either way, we're sure "those other people" appreciate you calling/selling them out. Please tell "those other people" that we'd like to see some effort and progress made with restitution.
Daneyll Stanton was arrested and jailed on 5/21/14 for a felony conviction, exactly 3 weeks after sending us this ridiculous email and rationalization for Lenny's criminal behavior. We believe one of the charges was PC 530.5A (unlawful use of willfully obtained personal identifying information), which stemmed from an arrest in January 2014. After spending almost 23 days in jail, "Daisy Tanks" was released on 6/13/14. 
Lenny McCormick was arrested once again on 11/16/14 for what we believe is yet another drug possession charge (case #LA06103401). This was the 3rd straight consecutive year where this loser was in jail during this time. Lenny was sentenced to 1 year in jail on 12/04/14. On 12/11/14, he was placed on unsupervised custody status. He was scheduled to be released on 05/08/15, but he became a free man on 01/10/15. 
Like his other scumbag associates, this clown is a huge burden on society. This is where your hard-earned tax dollars get spent and wasted -- on low-life repeat offending tweakers like Lenny and his thieving associates. This moron will never learn his lesson and we have wagers on how long it will take for this waste of space to return to jail. 
Daneyll Stanton was arrested against on 11/03/15 and released from jail later that day.

Lenny McCormick likes to reach out to this site from time-to-time when he's not lying, stealing, and/or conning people (including himself). Obviously, that's very seldom, but he does, in fact, visit this very site dedicated to his shameful life and legacy.  He keeps threatening to take legal action and have us jailed for telling the world about the crimes he committed, but this broke-ass douchebag is all bark. Rather than take ownership to who/what he is and does, he prefers to lash out, threaten, and/or call us names (like "faggot"). The 50-year old sociopathic loser also tries to shrug this site off as "fake news," yet all of his arrests and jailings are public record. It's obvious that this poor, insecure manchild needs lots of help. In fact, here is a picture of the shady narcissist from late 2017 where he is looking battered, sketchy, and deprived of food and sleep:

We will update this page accordingly as more information becomes available.

ANDREW PETER LECHTANSKI was born on 09/27/75. He graduated from North Bergen High School in New Jersey in 1993. He started stealing and burglarizing at a young age. His first arrests on record were a federal drug charge in New York and possession of a controlled substance in Florida. He lived in Arizona where he spent a significant amount of time in prison for burglary. He was also arrested in Glendale, CA in August 2011 on suspicion of identity theft and grand theft of access cards (fake IDs / credit cards). He was convicted and found guilty on 12/17/12 (GA08414301). The following day, he plead guilty in another case (SA08226201) in Beverly Hills. This arrest involved fake IDs, possession of meth, burglary, and receiving stolen property. Andrew Lechtanski ArrestJust like his cohorts, Lechtanski has been very busy committing crime. It is evident that he loves being in jail. We know that he has family in Arizona and California.
Mr. Lechtanski was arrested once again on 04/21/14, just 10 months after serving a 16-month sentence for this burglary. Like McCormick, it didn't take very long before another arrest occurred again. He spent 2 days in jail before posting bond.
We are still researching the charge(s), but we know one of the charges was PC 530 (personating to get money/property over $400). On 05/24/14, Lechtanski was arrested once again in Orange County on seven burglary-related felony charges (Case #14WF2105). Lechtanski has once again been charged with receiving stolen property, fraudulently acquiring personal identifying information with a prior conviction, possessing a forged driver's license, possession of a controlled substance, possessing equipment for counterfeit access cards, possession of burglary tools, possession of controlled substance paraphernalia. These are the same exact charges he was arrested for in November 2012. Here we were less than one year after his release from Los Angeles County Jail and he was back in jail in another county.

Lechtanski was sentenced to another 16 months in jail and restitution on 7/30/14. It was a plea bargain deal, so he only had to plead guilty on two charges -- receiving stolen property and possession of a controlled substance (Meth). The other five charges were dismissed. Lechtanski was released from jail on 01/17/15. 

Andrew Lechtanski was arrested yet again on 3/10/15 for more burglary / theft-related charges. Lechtanski was arrested near the The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Rancho Mirage, CA on 4 felony counts (S150690037)He was released on 3/12/15.

Lechtanski was arrested again on 9/3/15 in Orange County. He was released to Los Angeles County (Twin Towers) on 9/4/15 for case #GA08414301. He was sentenced in the Burbank Municipal Courthouse on 9/8/15 and released from custody on 9/9/15. 

Lechtanski was arrested by Oceanside Police on 12/30/15 for conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of a controlled substance. He was released from jail on 1/4/16. 

Andrew Lechtanski was then arrested in Manhattan Beach, CA on 1/31/16, less than 4 weeks after being released from jail. He was sentenced to 1 year in jail in Torrance Municipal Court on 2/18/16 (case # YA09368601). He was released from jail on 7/23/16.

Lechtanski was arrested once again on 10/18/16 in Burbank, CA. Lechtanski was arrested with Ausra Zukauskaite (born 07/10/84) for "identity theft." Shocking, right? Zukauskaite was later released and placed on probation, while Lechtanski still continues to be a waste of space. 

Here is the career thief Andrew Lechtanski in 2017. You can see how meth has affected his appearance:
On 04/02/18, Lechtanski was arrested at/near 21st and Bristol in Newport Beach, CA in the wee hours of the morning. The tweeker was charged with forgery by altering a driver's license, identity theft by getting other's credit and ID, possession of a controlled substance, possession of unlawful paraphernalia, and warrants related to burglary. His bail was set at $70,000, which is $70,000 more than what this thief has in the bank. 

***UPDATE***On 10/02/18, Andrew Lechtanski was released from the Central Men's Jail in Orange County after completing a six-month stint for his charges in April 2018. The idiot probably thought he was going home (to nothing), but instead, was immediately arrested and returned back into correctional custody. On 10/04/18, Lechtanski was sentenced to 60 days at the Long Beach Superior Courthouse (7LB1245001). He also had charges in Burbank (GA09987401) and was sentenced to 194 days in jail on 10/22/18. He also has a warrant hold in Riverside County (INF1700210). The crackhead thief has been busy in court lately and it looks like it all eventually caught up with him like it always does. 

Lechtanski must love getting caught. The moron never lets us down. He is still (and will always be) "The Biggest Loser." This stupid fool is back in jail once again doing his "annual ritual," just as we predict each and every time this scumbag goes in & out of jail for the same old offenses. Not only does Andrew Lechtanski love meth, but he also loves stealing other people's stuff. This is what broke-ass losers do in life. 

We can count on a new update soon. Based on history, it will only a matter of time before this thief resorts back to stealing and wasting the public's tax dollars once again. This guy loves sleeping with other men, which is evident by his multiple year-over-year arrests and incarcerations

We will update this page accordingly as more information becomes available.

NORA SARRAN was born on 07/01/70. According to the courts, she claims to be homeless and unemployed. We believe she is related to Ozzy Rivas. We know that she has 3 daughters (Pearl Rivas, Vivian Sarran, and Billie Sarran). 
On 9/10/14, Nora Sarran was arrested once again on a new charge (BA40484802) at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown LA.  She was held without bail at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood until her release from jail on 10/08/14. Her kids and grandchildren must be extremely proud of 44-year-old Nora.
We will update this page as more information becomes available.

OSVALDO "OZZY" RIVAS was born on 05/22/76. Ozzy Rivas has a long list of prior convictions and is no stranger to jail. Like Lechtanski, he appears to be good at creating fake IDs and stealing. Rivas was convicted of grand theft auto in the Glendale courthouse back in November 2007 (GA07070). He was also convicted of possessing a controlled substance in December 2010 (TA103207). His crime spree continued and escalated in 2012. In case #BA394999, Rivas was convicted of identity theft and forgery (possessing and using fake IDs to commit a crime) in March 2012. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation and 180 days in jail. On 7/30/12, his probation was revoked for not appearing in court and a warrant for his arrest was issued.
Despite numerous warrants for his arrest, Rivas "disappeared." He claimed he was living in Mexico, but we knew this wasn't true. After a year on the run from the law, Rivas was finally arrested on 11/20/13 in Los Angeles and booked for three different felony cases in two counties. For case #BA404848, Rivas was charged with 4 counts of grand theft and burglary and sentenced to 486 days (16 months) in jail on 11/25/13. On 12/12/13, he was sentenced to 486 days (16 months) in jail and ordered to pay restitution to multiple burglary victims for case #SA082430. He only had to serve 8 months in county jail for these two cases (and the probation revocation in case #BA394999). On 3/24/14, Rivas addressed his "hold" in San Bernardino County (FWV1301757). In that case, he was charged with 6 counts of burglary, unlawful use of information, and acquiring/possessing access cards. Rivas took a plea bargain and had 5 of the 6 counts dropped down to just 1 charge. He plead "no contest" and was sentenced to 16 months in jail and mandatory supervision upon release. His girlfriend Rebecca Ervin was recently sentenced for the same charges in this case.
Victim #3: $10,000.00
Victim #4: $7,500.00
Victim #5: $1,000.00
Victim #6: $50.00
Victim #7: $675.00
Victim #8: $1,400.00
Victim #9: $2,000.00
Victim #10: $17,000.00
TOTAL: $39,625.00*
*does not include restitution ordered in other criminal convictions
Ozzy was released from the North County Correctional Center on 5/29/14.
Ozzy Rivas Arrest
He was arrested again on 6/11/14 in Victorville, CA and was held without bail at the Adelanto Detention Center on Case# FWV1301751. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail with a supervised release. Rivas was released from jail on 07/11/14. 
Ozzy Rivas was arrested yet again on 01/06/15 for violating the terms of his supervised release in Case# FWV1301751. His mandatory supervision was terminated on 02/19/15 and he was ordered back to jail. Ozzy was released from custody on 3/19/15. How many chances does one person get in life? This waste of space couldn't even fulfill the terms of his probation. How long will it take for him to get locked up again? Only time will tell.
We will update this page as more information becomes available.

REBECCA VIOLA ERVIN was born on 07/06/83. She is from Barstow, CA. She is the girlfriend of Ozzy Rivas and mother of his child. Their son is named Ethan Rivas and he must be very proud of his parents.
Rebecca married Dennis Chun Ming Lee in 2008 and lived in Hong Kong for quite some time. He claims they are no longer associated, yet they're still connected via Facebook. While she may not have been charged in case # SA082430, it is evident that she participated and was involved to some extent. On 5/14/12, Rebecca plead "no contest" to identity theft and forgery (possessing/using a fake ID to defraud) in case #BA394999. She was sentenced to 3 years probation. She and Ozzy Rivas were joint defendants in this case and she was ordered not to communicate with him. She was also ordered to 90 days of Caltrans work program and attend at least two weekly Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meetings. Since she was pregnant at the time, she converted her Caltrans work program to community service. On 8/29/12, her probation was revoked for failing to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and complete community service. She and Ozzy were too busy stealing during this time. On 9/7/12, she provided proof of attendance and her probation was reinstated for once of the counts. She was allowed to do attend her meetings and do community service in Barstow. Her probation violation hearing continued to get postponed. Rebecca even tried using her pregnancy as an excuse. Finally, on 6/10/13, the judge released a $30,000 bench warrant.
Rebecca reappeared in court on the probation violations for #BA394999 on 1/14/14. Another website picked up this arrest and it  can be found by clicking here. Her bench warrant was squashed and she was sentenced to 180 days in county jail. She is back on probation and was granted permission to transfer it to San Bernardino County.

As if that case wasn't enough, on 11/01/13, Rebecca Ervin also plead "no contest" in San Bernardino County to 2 of 6 burglary-related felony charges.
RebeccaErvinShe was sentenced to 2 years in county prison, probation, and restitution (FWV1301757). She spent 40 days in jail, but is now out on probation for this case as well. She requested an extension on paying back her restitution and had another hearing on 4/29/14. Another hearing continuation was extended to 5/22/14, where more restitution amounts were adjusted. She was also threatened with revocation of mandatory supervision on 5/23/14, but given a 2nd chance. Another revocation was ordered on 8/25/14 and we knew Miss "Honey Hollywood Hustler" will most likely be back in an orange jumpsuit sometime in the near future.
Victim A: $1,582.49
Victim B: $194.42
Victim C: $904.40
Victim D: $2,719.56
Victim E: $1,600.00
Victim F: $469.80
Victim G: $1,000.00
TOTAL: $8,470.67*
*Does not include restitution ordered in other criminal cases, fines or 10% admin fees 

Ervin is also on the hook for Rivas' restitution order of $11,079.44* should he choose not to pay. 
Sure enough, Rebecca Ervin was arrested yet again on 1/26/15 for violating the terms of her probation in Case# FWV1301751. Much like her loser friends above, this dumbass got another chance at life but couldn't hack the terms of her probation. Her mandatory supervision was terminated on 2/26/15 and she was sentenced to 2 years in county jail. Rebecca and Ozzy deserve an award for being "Parents of the Decade."

Rebecca Ervin was finally released from prison on 12/27/15. Hopefully, she has finally learned her lesson, but we are very skeptical. 
We will update this page as more information becomes available.
If you know these crooked meth junkies, please ask them to pay restitution to their victims and stop stealing from innocent people. Tell them to give up their party lifestyle and get jobs like the rest of us. We did not ask these criminals to steal from us. These losers need to stop passing their personal issues and problems onto others.
Restitution orders never expire and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Even if defendants relocate, restitution orders can be transferred to another county, including outside California. Victims have the right to ask the court for 10% interest per year on any unpaid restitution. Defendants cannot have their criminal records pardoned or expunged until restitution has been paid.
Have you been victimized by McCormick, Lechtanski, Sarran, Rivas, or Ervin? Drop us a line here

The records and information above are protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. All information provided is public record and/or has been obtained through publicly available sources. Information posted on this site is provided for informational purposes only. It is subject to change and may be updated periodically. While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it may contain factual or other errors. Information changes quickly and the posted information may not reflect current information. Subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Published mugshots and/or arrest records are previously published public records of an arrest, a registration, the deprivation of liberty, or a detention. All content contained within is in no way an indication of guilt nor is it evidence that an actual crime has been committed. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information posted on this site, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the content on this site. In addition, names may be similar or identical to other individuals. For latest case status, contact the official law enforcement agency which originally released the information. No warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

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